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Spare parts supply

We save you a lot of work by taking care of your spare parts supply! Here you will find over 350,000 modules and more.

Whatsapp service

Headfirst inside the machine again? Receive an immediate quotation: Send your photos of the faulty unit including part number to:  +49 152 597 137 04

Production stop

Take a deep breath … and get started! Our courier services are ready to supply you with the required parts. Whether by car, by helicopter or jet – we will always ensure the shortest delivery times!

Spare parts acquisition

Exchange old for new! You would like to optimise your inventory? We are buying up old stock. Send a list of your surplus stock to:

Fault analysis on site

Boss breathing down your back, pulse is rising? The fault persists although all relevant parts have been exchanged?! Please contact us for an appointment: +49 2171 401040

Increase capacities

RETROFIT! We are happy to explain to you the most important reasons for a conversion of for example: S5 auf S7.